Woman Calls Off Marriage Over Dowry Demand In Rajasthan

25,000 Women Died Due To Dowry In India Between 2012-14: Government
Dowry is banned under the law in India but complaints are rare. (Representational Image)

KOTA: : Furious over his greed and demands for dowry, a 24-year-old woman called off her marriage to a government school teacher. Recently engaged, the two were to marry next week.

Bharti Yadav or Pinki, a resident of Faithapura village, called off her marriage with Shambu Dayal on February 22 after he and his family allegedly demanded a car in dowry, area police officer and chief of the Sadar police station in Baran city, Shriram Badesara said.

A more than half century old law, the Dowry Prohition Act of 1961 bans demanding dowry but the practice is still widely prevalent with the bride’s family seldom reporting demands to the police.

In her complaint to the police Ms Yadav said that she was engaged to Shambu Dayal on February 15 and the two were to marry exactly a week later. Her family gifted him a motorcycle and jewellery as gifts. Later, Dayal and his grandfather Kanayalal threatened to call off the marriage unless they were gifted a car as dowry.

They even forced Ms Yadav’s family to sign an illegal promissory note saying they would provide the groom and his family a car within six months. This, because the bride’s father said he could not arrange for the expensive gift at the wedding.

Fed up, Ms Yadav called off the marriage and approached the police. Mr Badesara said the police have booked Shambhu Dayal and others in his family and recorded Ms Yadav’s statement.



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